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If you are going to purchase items of the Naturhelix product assortment offered in the Naturhelix Webshop and you use our user interface on the internet, you have to read carefully and understand the following user information and the General Terms and Conditions according to our webshop.


Please do activate your personal registration in our webshop and purchase items  if you completely agree with all of its points and if you have explicitly read the complete documentation. You have to (mandatorily) accept the General Terms and Conditions as buyer/customer/user as well as Naturhelix Gyártó és Kereskedelmi Kft. (mandatorily) accepts it as seller of the Naturhelix products or as the operator of the Naturhelix Webshop. This documentation will not be sent, registered or signed in physical form. The purchase contract between buyer and seller goes into effect merely through the mutual approval of the transacted purchase in electronic form. You will not be able to trace back the purchase contract to a later time in a separate individual form. This documentation does not contain or does not refer to any code of conduct.


If in a doubt about functioning, ordering, delivering or other processes in respect of the webshop please do contact us immediately and directly under the official contact details (specified further below in the General Terms and Conditions, on our official web site or on the webshop's home page).




Company name:                                                  Naturhelix Gyártó és Kereskedelmi Kft.
Managing director: Mr. Miklós Tóth
Webshop name: Naturhelix Webshop
Tax identification code: 14467095-2-02
EU VAT number: HU 14467095
Register court: Register Court Baranya County (Hungary)
Commercial register number: 0209073069
Date of registration: 1st October 2008
Bank account number: BE58 9670 2077 9079
Contact person: Zoltán Törjéki
Company's address: Dencsházai út 6-8, H-7900 Szigetvár, Hungary
Phone: +36 73 510 009
+36 73 312 648
E-Mail: sales@naturhelix.com


Contact language: English























Availability of the products:

The products offered in the Naturhelix Webshop are under this electronic contract only purchasable through the internet, obtainable on electronic order and on home delivery. We would like to define that the manufacturer, distributor of the Naturhelix products and the webshop operator belong to the same legal entity.


The offered products

Our webshop distributes only Naturhelix products. Our products are natural remedies made of natural ingredients. They are part of the traditional natural folk medicine. They are definitely not registered under the scope of medical technology. They are neither registered as medical instruments nor as medical devices, nor as cosmetic care products, nor as food/foodstuff, nor as nutritional/food supplements. They are commercially available and purchasable without prescription.


Categorization of the offered products

Naturhelix products are subdivided into five product categories: Essential Oils, Chakra Candles, Body Candles, Ear Candles and Accessories. By ear candle we mean ear candles manufactured either for adults or for children. Organic ear candles form a separate subcategory of ear candles, which are manufactured of special ecologically controlled ingredients. The product range also includes products directly or indirectly connected with the process of candling therapy. These additional products might facilitate and accompany the single candling therapy.


Application of the offered products

Every single Naturhelix product serves solely as a natural remedy for the symptomatic complementary treatment of certain ailments. Naturhelix products might not be used directly on injuries, on injured skin and body parts, on sensitive body parts (eyes and genitals) and on mucosa. Do not use Naturhelix products internally. Our products are made only for external use. They might only come into soft physical contact with healthy skin surface, only with their appropriate ending. The direct human assistance is absolutely indispensible during each sort of candling therapy (body candling, chakra candling, ear candling). The care and attention and observance of the operating instructions belonging to each candle type and each candle package is mandatory!

Additionally we would like to call your attention to the followings. Each candling type is done at your own risk and responsibility. Candling is a complementary therapy and it might not be a substitute for professional medical advice. All information about the application and effects of the candles are based on experiences of therapists and receivers. We can not report results or documents based on official medical research. Please consider that none of our information leaflets can be regarded as medical advices. If in a doubt about your health please consult your doctor, therapist or pharmacist!



Requirements and processes of the electronic order and purchase in the Naturhelix Webshop


The Naturhelix Webshop is hosted through a pre-programmed user interface provided by UnasShop Systems.


Navigation in the webshop: The navigation in the webshop works with the menu points on the upper and left borders on the screen.


Registration: The electronic purchase in our webshop requires a customer registration in our system. This is possible through the user or customer login. New customers have to complete a registration before shopping. The customer registration in the Naturhelix Webshop occurs in a separate menu point called "Registration". To have a valid registration you have to give a valid and active email address and your personal contact details (phone number and home address).  These details must all be given, otherwise we are not able to deliver the customer's order to the exact delivery address and in due time. We kindly ask you to keep your personal data secret of unauthorised persons. You have the possibility to review, change or delete your data anytime. We do inform you about our privacy policy and about our data security measures in our Privacy Policy.

Logging in and out: Customers with existing and active user registration can login or logout with their existing customer data. Please register yourself in our webshop, afterwards you can use your registered email address as your user name or login name in our webshop.


Forgotten password: If you forget your password please select the option "Password Reminder" under the menu points of the user login. Then you will be given a new provisional password in a separate system administrator email, which you can retry your login with.


Changing customer details: You are able to change your personal login, contact and shipping details any time with the option "Change Customer Details".


Information about our products: Naturhelix products are subdivided into different categories and subcategories. You can find them under the menu point "Products" or under "Categories". If there are so many products offered in the same category (or subcategory) that there is no complete overview of them available on the same screenshot, you can browse with the Arabic numbers below the product listing through the complete category (or subcategory).  Single products are presented by means of photos, short descriptions, and quotations of prices, additional details and features.

The photos in our webshop serve generally as illustration of the offered products. Packaging, standard fitting and product features and characteristics of the shipped items may depart from the illustrated items. Nevertheless this divergence does not influence the highest handicraft quality of our products. We do not guarantee for the anticipated notice of any amendments and changes in technical or outward features of our products. Prices and other product features are subject to change without notice because of unpredictable external occurrences (changes of row material delivery and row material availability, changes of the legal circumstances and regulatory frameworks of the production, etc.).

The prices listed in the Naturhelix Webshop contain the statutory (according to the current Hungarian fiscal law) value-added tax (VAT) currently amounting to 27% (twenty-seven per cent). The prices do not always contain the home delivery. Additional packing costs will never be allocated.




Special product offers: You can find under "Special Offers" all of our special offered products inclusive discounts resp. the relevant amount, start and due date of the single special offer. You can find under "More for less" products listed with an attached quantity discount. Under "New Products" you can see the latest Naturhelix product developments.



Searching on the site: An integrated search engine supports you in searching for single webshop items in the Naturhelix product range. You find in the right upper corner on your screen a symbol of a magnifying glass. You can fill in the search form just next to this symbol with the searching terms and then press the magnifying glass. With this "Quick Search" method you can easily navigate your search on the webshop's main page. The option "Advanced Search" is a separate menu point. This transfers you to a separate searching site where you can specify your searching terms and results according to different searching options. Each searching process has to begin with pressing the "Search" button.

If you need more information about a particular Naturhelix product please select the product name or the single product photo. A detailed product information site will appear consequently on your screen.



Informations: Under the menu point "Information" you can find most important data about the webshop's operator: official company data, contact details, delivery and payment options.


Process of ordering


1. Registration and login: Please make sure that you have already registered in our webshop and that you are already logged in, because only the registered customers can effectively purchase products in our webshop. For a registration you need to give a working email address and your personal contact details. We inform you about our privacy policy in a separate document.


2. Selection of products: You can purchase every single item in our webshop by selecting the button "ADD TO CART" or by pressing the cart symbol. You can control your current purchase through the cart symbol. Single items might be added, deleted or modified in the cart. If you press the "Empty Cart" button you can delete all selected items of your cart with one clic. It is important that a filled up cart does not mean the obligatory and completed purchase in the Naturhelix Webshop. Loading up your cart means merely the selection of the items. Shopping in our webshop is almost the same process as shopping in a supermarket: the purchase contract is not legally effective until the acceptance of the payment and receiving the receipt.


3. Ordering: To really purchase a product you have to order it. This is done if you press once the "Order" button.


4. Selecting payment and shipping methods, validate discounts: The next step is to specify the required payment and delivery methods. This combination will only be valid and used for your current order. Please catch up on delivery and payment costs and options under the menu point "Information". If you possess coupon or promotion codes you have to type them at the very moment. Consequently you will receive the attached discounts. After selecting the required delivery and payment methods you can go on with the button "Continue".


5. Data verification: Now you will be asked to recheck the order data. Here you can double-check your personal (name, address, phone etc.) and your order (items, prices, payment, delivery) data. There you have also the possibility to leave a personal message for the webshop operator including additional information or questions regarding your current order. Therefore you have only to fill in the white form.


6. Finalize and send your order: If you do agree with your personal and order data, please press again the "Order" button to accept and validate your order. Now an automatically generated message should appear on your screen: "We have received your order!" In a separate field you can see the individual order number connected to your currently validated order (for example: 1622-577577). Please take down these ten digits. In case of customer queries and complaints we can localise your order easier by means of your individual order number. At a later time you can find your previous order data in your profile under the rubric "Orders".


7. Payment: If you have selected Credit Card Payment you have to push the "Pay" button to go on with your payment. At the same time you have the possibility to choose other payment methods too. Online bank card payments can be executed via the Barion system too. The merchant does not get and store bank card data. Barion Payment Inc., the provider of this service, is an institution under the authority of the Central Bank of Hungary, its license number is: H-EN-I-1064/2013.


Handling your order: The handling of your order begins within two working days at the very latest. Our working time is scheduled from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm CET (Central European Time) from Monday to Friday. During our working hours we are available by phone. You can register your order in the Naturhelix Webshop also out of working time. In this case your order will be completed immediately on the next working day. Furthermore you will be informed about the status changes of your current order in separate email messages. By any mistakes that may occur you will be personally informed about. Generally webshop orders are processed within two working days and depending on their volume after 4-5 working days after payment receipt all over Europe they are delivered. If it is necessary additional shipping costs will be immediately added onto the current bill.

Verified orders are subject to be partially or completely refused at any time because of external circumstances without giving reasons. Partially rendered services will only be effective if the customer has prematurely been informed about the special circumstances and details, and if the customer has explicitly accepted the special details. If you have paid for your order in advance and your order had to be cancelled because of unpredictable external occurrences, the complete amount of your payment has to be refunded. You will prematurely be informed about it in written or electronic form.


Definitions of special used terms during the electronic purchase through the internet


Order date: Order date means the point in time when the buyer transmits in electronic form his/her order through the webshop to the seller.

Order: The order obligates the seller to render the ordered services under rules of the purchase contract, which is defined according to the General Terms and Conditions connected to the Naturhelix Webshop and published on the official home page of the webshop, resp. mutually accepted with the tacit understanding of both of the contracting parties. This will only be effective if the seller explicitly returns receipt of the foregoing customer order either by email or by phone. The automatically generated confirming email does not work as definite premise of the acceptance of the placed order. The return of order receipt implicitly has to be communicated in a separate individual and manual way by phone or by email (if necessary by letter). Automatically generated messages (emails, short messages) do not belong to aforementioned category.

If you have additional questions or you would like to complain about the business circumstances immediately after receiving of our confirming messages please make a request. Our contact details are reachable under the rubric "Information" in the main menu.

Purchase contract: The purchase contract between buyer and seller is regarded as an electronic contract. Consequently it will never be filed, handed in or archived in physical form. The language used during and about the act of business is English. We explicitly would like to point out to you that the buyer can not be held responsible for scribal errors, typing errors and other unmeant publishing errors. All information about the offered products (included the photos) are only serving as references. Deviations from the illustration and from the descriptions regarding product features and characteristics of single products are conceivably possible. Although we do guarantee that each Naturhelix individual product has been manufactured according to the highest handicraft quality which can be achieved based on our production possibilities.


Right to withdraw (from the purchase contract)


In general terms Naturhelix Kft. accepts and uses the EU regulations concerning the right to withdraw. For the most important details, please visit the following link:



In this case, the 27 EU member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway,  you have the right to withdraw from your online purchase as well as from purchases made elsewhere than in shops within 14 days.

You can choose to withdraw from your order for any reason within this timeframe - even if you simply changed your mind.

To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must unequivocally inform the trader in writing of your decision to withdraw from the purchase. You can find our withdrawal form attached to all order confirmation email. You can resend it by fax or e-mail, our contact details are available below the menu point „Informations”. Please note that you may not use goods that you have received before deciding to withdraw from the purchase. The right to withdraw exists to allow you to examine the product in the same way as you would in a shop, not to give you 14 days free use. The client must send the goods back, in the original unopened packaging, within 14 days of informing the trader that you wanted to withdraw.


The refund must be made within 14 days after receiving notification of withdrawal. Naturhelix Kft. respects all related EU rules in general terms, but in terms of replacement, refund, we treat each return or claim as a unique case.




Naturhelix Kft. in general terms, accepts and uses EU regulations relating to the guarantee and warranty. Please find the most important information at this link:



As our products are, in terms of the guarantee, non-durable consumer products, we guarantee the quality of our products until the date specified on the package (best before). The right to the guarantee does not apply if the damage is caused by improper use or storage. Please report your complaints in writing using our contact data. In terms of replacement and/or refund, Naturhelix Kft. treats each return or claim as a single case.



When receiving products that are defective or in a blameworthy state, you can report it to the responsible office of consumers protection in the European Union.

There is a transnational network of national consumer protection organisations within the European Union. The customer complaints are usually lodged right on site at the domicile of the buyer. This network cooperates with the respective national consumer protection organisation and works on the international complaints in consultation with the responsible office corresponding to the registered domicile of the seller/manufacturer.


A list of the responsible European organisations can be found under:






Hungarian Customer Protection Organisation



European Consumer Centre Hungary




European Consumer Centres Network

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