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Organic Lavender Oil (10 ml)

Organic Lavender Oil (10 ml)

Lavender Oil (Aetheroleum lavandulae):


  • 100% pure organic essential oil
  • 10 ml

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Lavender Oil (Aetheroleum lavandulae):


Due to its freshness Lavender Oil represents probably the most popular fragrance of the world. Consequently it finds a wide use in the perfumery. Lavender has a soothing effect on body and soul. 

Application: give 3-5 drops of essential oil into your aroma lamp or into your humidifier.


General Information:


Please read carefully and observe unrestrainedly the following rules:


1. Keep the oil bottle locked up and out of the reach of children!

2. Keep it protected from direct sunlight and moisture as well as in dry and cool place!

3. Do not use directly extrinsically on your skin!

4. Do not use intrinsically (unsuitable for human consumption)!

5. Avoid direct contact with mucosa and injured skin surface! The essential oil should never reach eyes and mouth. In case of eventual skin contact please rinse the affected skin area immediately and thoroughly with water.

6. If unexpected physical reactions occur by the inhalation of the essential oil, stop using the humidifier or aroma lamp immediately!

7. Essential oils are moderate flammable fluids, consequently please use them with care in the near of open fire. Never inflame or drop into fire! Tea lights and aroma lamps should never be left unattended indoors as well as outdoors.

8. Naturhelix essential oils are concentrates which can cause unexpected and serious physical reactions in exceptional cases of allergy and hypersensitivity to active substances of the relevant essential oils. If you have information about allergy or hypersensitivity against any kind of essential oils or their active substances, please refrain from using them.

9. Naturhelix essential oils do not contain synthetic ingredients and additives. They are exclusively composed of natural ingredients.


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